The Twig and Molokie French Book

Like the teen girls of today, my best friend and I were also obsessed with a vampire novel. We found two characters in this book completely amusing. Somehow we decided we were these characters... even though we weren't a couple of undead men running around in a van in New Orleans. Maybe we could've been the adolescent female versions of these vampires? Who knows.

In high school, we used these two characters as an outlet for lots of silliness and boredom. I made a book for French class with Twig and Molokie. This is probably the least weird of all the Twig and Molokie drawings. Click on the photo to see the whole book.


Buns on Parade- super grip on bunny slippers

I really love Debbie Stoller's The Happy Hooker book. In fact, I really love crocheting! Sometimes it's difficult to count the stitches on crochet, but I love how things whip up faster and with an added texture in crochet. I guess there's all sorts of cool things you can do with knitting as well, but I find knitting to be a slightly more advanced art than crochet.

I decided to make the Bunny Slippers in The Happy Hooker book for several friends of mine. If you ever want a pair of super nice bunny slippers, you should try out this pattern. Beware though- one slipper is 5 pieces!

The pattern is pretty easy to follow and also easy to adjust for feet sizes (just add stitches to the starting chain for longer feet, and/or add extra rounds for wider feet). My main beef with the slippers is that I had to sew 5 pieces together (bottom sole, upper sole, toe part, two ears) for each slipper, but I guess I shouldn't have tried to make 4 pairs of slippers in a row!

When all the slippers were done, all the button eyes were sewn on, and all the noses were satin stitched on, I was ready to apply some sort of traction to the bottoms. I read a few different options online for this- mold builder, puffy paint (dimensional paint), and rubber that you use for dipping garden tool handles. The puff paint was already in my stash, but when I tried it out it didn't feel like it would be very durable on the bottom of slippers. So I went out and bought the expensive mold builder (I forget the exact price, but it was over $10 and under $20- maybe it wasn't that expensive a price to pay so your friends don't slip and break bones I guess).

The gold puff paint in squiggle lines looks great but felt like you could still slip if you were a
super clumsy person (my friends are). The mold builder looks kinda like snot, but it was just like adding a rubbery layer to the bottom of your slippers. Here in the northeast, most of the houses/apartments have wood floors. It was very important to me to give slippers with traction.

To prep your bunny slippers, I recommend hanging them on a line. I used some scrap yarn and clothes pins. Use a foam brush to apply a layer of mold builder on the bottoms of your slippers (mold builder is white but it turns translucent tan when dry). Wait for the layer to dry (mine took about 5 hours for each layer) and apply another layer... and then another. At least, that's what I did. And under no circumstances should you wash your brush in the sink right after using the mold builder. I know the directions tell you to wash it in cold water and such, but it's best to let the brush dry, then remove the latex and then wash the brush. I think I made the sink drain a little slower because of this mistake :P

hippity hoppity...


Late Christmas Gifts

Last Christmas I didn't spend much time on my parents' gifts. In fact, I bought them some kind of kite-like lawn ornament (they love their garden). This year I figured I had enough time on my hands to make them some things, but I put a little too much on my plate for handmade goods. They got their gifts late, but at least they liked them.. or so they say :P

My parents live in sunny California, but they still get chills. The green shawl was made from the Splendid Triangle Shawl from Lion Brand. It was super easy and I sped through it. Bulky weight yarn and using large needles is freaking awesome! The red, purple, brown scarf is called Diva Scarf, also from Lion Brand. It was also pretty easy, but it took forever to make. I used larger needles so that it could be shawl-like and not too warm for my mom to wear.

My dad got three hats. Both the beanie and the fedora are from the Happy Hooker book. The fedora hat was actually a cowboy hat pattern but I added the blue stripe and didn't make the brim as large or with the wire, like the pattern suggested. My mom told me my dad sleeps with a hat on 'cause his head gets cold (he's like 70 years old), so I thought I would make him his very own sleeping cap. Funny, huh?

If you know my brother, you must know that he's got some weird infatuation with unicorns. I'm not talking the kitschy unicorn stuff that's been out the past five years. He's been into unicorns for at least 10 years. Maybe more. Anyway, my sister had given me the idea to make hoodies with extra pockets on the inside so you can take all your stuff with you that way. I decided to try this idea out a bit on my brother. I bought a regular hoodie, three yards of flannel for warmth, and this amazing horses fabric online. I painted the gold horns on all of the horses on 3 yards of this fabric. I used the hoodie as a pattern for the fabric, stitched the pieces together, and made the pockets before sewing the lining into the hoodie. ALAKAZAM! I only wish I used a hoodie that was one size larger. Apparently it's a snug fit since I used flannel for warmth.



I purchased Rapidweaver with the hopes of creating a better website. Currently I'm using the Yahoo templates and Blogger for blogs. The problem I am encountering with Rapidweaver is that I have to purchase Templates and extras for my website. I was kinda hoping I could download them for free, but I haven't been able to find much that I like. I should just learn how to program.

So I have decided that all those blogs I was putting into Rapidweaver should go into Blogger 'cause I like how you can click on the photos to see more detail in Blogger. And because my website on Rapidweaver is not quite there yet. The Yahoo one suits me fine for now, but I really want to figure out more of Rapidweaver before I publish from there.

I joined Etsy but I hate it. They charge you to list your item and there is a time limit on your item. I'd rather be charged twice as much or more, after my item is sold, and as long as my item can stay 'til it sells. hmph.

In other news, still unemployed, still carrying the fire.
I'm working on the wedding planning thing for September. My head. is. going. to. explode.

Because Bears Get Cold Too

Made for the three baby bears that were all born within three months of each other.
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